Collecting Nominations

The committee will collect nominations until March 29th 23:59 UTC. Committee members will actively solicit nominations. The list of nominees who confirm their commitment to serve will be published and continuously updated.

Collecting Community Input

Before, during and immediately after RIPE 80 (11-15 May 2020) the committee will collect community input for making their selection. During RIPE 80 the committee will hold open office hours and speak to nominees.

Selecting Candidates

During the weeks immediately after RIPE 80 the committee will deliberate intensively and make their candidate selection before 15 June. It will communicate this selection to the RIPE NCC Executive Board for confirmation.


The RIPE NCC Executive board has 30 days to confirm the selected candidates. The committee may have to review the selection in case the RIPE NCC board does not confirm the selected candidates.

Once the candidates are confirmed, the committee will announce the result.

Producing Report

The committee will finalise its report. This will be published before September 14th 2020.

A slightly more detailed version of the time line can be found here.