The RIPE 2020 NomCom will select two persons for the roles of RIPE Chair and RIPE Vice Chair. We have four nominees who are well known to the community:

Filiz Yilmaz, Niall O'Reilly, Nigel Titley and Mirjam Kühne.

We have held our second meeting and  worked out the plans for collecting input from the community. Here is a quick outlook about what the NomCom will do between now and the RIPE meeting, during the meeting and after. For what has happened before, see the NomCom blog.

Before RIPE 80

During the coming two weeks the NomCom will have conversations with the nominees and prepare for the RIPE meeting. We want to hear input from the community at between now and the end of the RIPE meeting. This is your chance to influence our selection. The best way to reach the whole committee is by e-mail. If you prefer you can also contact individual members of the NomCom. Of course we will treat all input confidentially. To that end we have even set up a dedicated server, so that we can erase the electronic traces of our work as well as possible once we are done.

During RIPE 80

We will participate in the RIPE 80 meeting and give a short report during the community plenary session on Thursday afternoon. On the Friday of the meeting week the NomCom will hold virtual 'office hours' for those who prefer to give input in a meeting and those for whom writing us is simply not enough. Individual meeting slots will be allocated first-come first served. Contact support at for an appointment.

After RIPE 80

Hans Petter Holen has announced that he will resign at the end of April before he takes up his new role as RIPE NCC Managing Director. Waiting until RIPE 81 to transition to the newly selected Chairs, as planned, no longer makes much sense now.  Therefore making the selection has become somewhat more urgent. We are committed to work more quickly than planned but not to become too hasty either. Together with the RIPE NCC Executive Board we aim for selection in early June and confirmation by the board soon after.

You can also find a Q&A with NomCom members on RIPE Labs.

We will regularly report on our progress on the RIPE mailing list and the NomCom blog.