Version 1.1 - FINAL


The meeting was held on 5 June 2020 by teleconference.

The chair called the meeting to order at 08:22 UTC when a quorum was present.


Voting: Arnold Nipper, Benno Overeinder, Dmitro Kohmanyuk, Gert Döring, Marcus Stögbauer, Ondřej Caletka, Robert Evans, Sander Steffann, Stefan Wahl.

Advisors and Liaisons: Anna Wilson, Daniel Karrenberg, Jan Žorž, Piotr Strzyżewski.

Support: Daniella Coutinho.


Voting: Dmitry Burkov

Preliminaries & Agenda Setting

The chair proposed a simple agenda which was adopted and followed.

Report from the Chair

The chair repeated his earlier report via e-mail that new voting members Stefan Wahl and Marcus Stögbauer were briefed on Thursday 4 June by Arnold and Daniel. After 90 minutes the new members indicated they are ready to participate in the candidate selection. Daniel informed them that the other NomCom members are available for any support and questions they might have.

Stefan and Marcus confirmed that they felt ready to participate in the candidate selection process.

The committee decided that the new members can ask for a timeout at any moment if they feel that the selection process advances too quickly for them or when they are missing information.

Report from the Liaisons

Jan noted there was nothing particular to report from the PC. The PC followed the chair discussions on RIPE List and as said last time, the advice is to move forward

Rob noted there has been discussion on the WG chairs list. This discussion was not steered by the RIPE chair. There are different voices for continuing and stopping and it looks like no consensus will be reached.

Piotr said that there is nothing to report from the Executive Board.

Agreement How to Proceed with Candidate Selection

Daniel said that he had sent an email to the NomCom list with a proposal for the selection:

  1. The voting members, in the sequence of their selection state who they would select at this point in time for chair and vice chair including some motivation. They state what questions they still need to be answered to improve their selection. They may state if they have a personal preference that differs from their selection.
  2. The liaisons and advisors speak in turn without specific questions to answer. If they can shed light on some of the questions of the voting members that would be great.
  3. General discussion open for all
  4. The voting members, in the sequence of their selection, state their selections again.
  5. The chair, with the help of the previous chair, summarises the state of the selection and makes suggestions on how to proceed.

Daniel asked for comments on this proposal.

Dmitro asked how the votes of the members not present in the meeting will be handled. Daniel proposed that all members who are not present would be briefed and that he would do his best to have the final selection decided in a meeting with all voting members present. The final selection would definitely not be decided at this meeting.

The committee decided to proceed in this way.

4. Candidate Selection (not minuted)

The committee progressed up to point three of the procedure and decided to reconvene on June 8 in order to continue.

The chair closed the meeting at 09:34 UTC.