Version 1.3 - FINAL


The meeting was held on 27 May 2020 by teleconference.

The chair called the meeting to order at 1404 UTC


Voting: Arnold Nipper, Benno Overeinder, Dmitry Burkov, Dmytro Kohmanyuk, Gert Döring, Ondřej Caletka, Robert Evans, Sander Steffann.

Advisors and Liaisons: Anna Wilson, Daniel Karrenberg, Jan Žorž, Piotr Strzyżewski.

Support: Daniella Coutinho.

Preliminaries & Agenda Setting

Daniel welcomed everyone and noted that a quorum was present.

He asked whether there were any suggestions for changes to the agenda. There were none.

Minutes of Previous Meetings

Daniel asked the NomCom for comments and the level of detail on the draft minutes of the fifth meeting. There were some comments. Daniel will make a new draft summarising the discussion into bullet points.

Chair Report

The chair reported that he had drafted a message as agreed at the previous meeting and circulated it among the committee. He had then incorporated several comments and suggestions and received explicit agreement from 8 committee members to send the final version to the RIPE list and the liaison organisations. He had posted the message the previous Monday. As a consequence, the committee had received quite a number of reactions. The chair has sent all responses he received privately to the committee mailing list. He reported he had also received a number of non-mail reactions; all these were in support of the plan of the committee. The community input will be evaluated later in the agenda.

The chair reported for the record that Joe Abley had notified the committee via the mailing list that he resigned as voting member of the NomCom for personal reasons on 22 May 2020. Daniel and other members have thanked Joe for his considerable and useful contributions.

The chair reported that as agreed at the previous meeting , confirmed by subsequent e-mail discussions within the committee, he has asked the first two volunteers on the reserve list whether they are willing to join the NomCom to replace Tina and Joe. Stefan Wahl had responded positively. This will also be discussed later in the agenda.

Reports from Liaisons

Jan said that the PC had nothing special next to message of Franziska.

Rob said that he had nothing to report from WG Chairs.

Piotr said that there was nothing to report and there will be a soon a message from RIPE NCC board. Sander asked Piotr about the remuneration options and if RIPE NCC HR would look at it? Piotr said the board was waiting for a mandate from the NomCom.

Daniel recalled that the committee decided to postpone compensation until we are sure that it is relevant. Dmitry suggested to add the compensation discussion on the ripe-chair list as and agenda item. Arnold suggested adding this to a future meeting rather than discussing it today.

The committee decided to add remuneration to the agenda of a future meeting.

Adding Two Voting Members from the Reserve List

Based on an extensive discussion via e-mail and a short discussion at the meeting the committee decided to ask the two first volunteers on the reserve list to join the NomCom as voting members. The committee has considered the optics of adding two voting members with the same affiliation and notes that they are both eligible according to ripe-728. The committee also discussed whether ripe-728 required a new random selection procedure and decided to proceed as announced to the community on December 12th 2019.

Gert reported that Marcus Stögbauer had responded positively about serving as a voting member just then.

Daniel had already asked for volunteers to brief the replacements. Since they are German speakers the committee agreed that Arnold and Daniel will do the briefing and invite all committee members to join if they wish. Daniel said that all NomCom members are welcome to provide specific information to the new members.

Discussion on Community Input after our Support Request

The chair had sent a message on behalf of the committee to the RIPE list on Mon May 25.

The committee discussed all input from the community at length. All members of the committee agreed that there was no community consensus to deviate from the planned process and timeline. The committee also considered the likely consequences of the suggested deviations under the current circumstances. After an exhaustive discussion the committee decided unanimously to continue as originally planned.

Organising candidate selection

The committee discussed how to proceed with candidate selection. Suggestions with significant support were to

  • collect the questions voting members need answered before making the final selection,
  • ask all members but the chair who they consider the best chair and vice chair for RIPE at this time,
  • encourage all members but the chair to state their personal preferences for transparency, and
  • make sure that the new voting members have all the information they need before proceeding.

The chair committed to synthesize these suggestions into a procedure to be agreed at the next meeting.

Any Other Business

At the request of the committee and in preparation for the compensation discussion at a future meeting Daniel summarised the sequence of events regarding remuneration.

Daniel said that he had brought up the subject of compensation immediately when he was asked by the RIPE NCC board whether he would accept appointment as NomCom chair. The board chair had assured him that this was on the radar of the board and had invited Daniel for an informal discussion about the matter on the Sunday before RIPE 79. Immediately after he had been appointed as NomCom chair and during RIPE 79 Daniel received queries from several potential nominees whether compensation was available for the chair’s expenses and time; this was well before the NomCom was selected and operational. He had responded to these queries by saying that compensation was not within the remit of the NomCom, that expenses were traditionally reimbursed by the RIPE NCC and that traditionally the chairs had organised their own funding, typically from their employers. He also suggested to contact the RIPE NCC Executive Board in case potential nominees would consider being compensated by the RIPE NCC.

During the informal meeting before RIPE 79, the RIPE NCC board had informed Daniel that it was considering to fund the RIPE Chair’s time, that it wished to have no involvement with the selection beyond what was agreed and that it was considering ways to guarantee that the RIPE chair remained completely independent from the RIPE NCC board. The board further told Daniel that it was going to set a number of principles for this.

When the NomCom was constituted it agreed that compensation was clearly outside the mandate of the NomCom and that it would refer nominees to the RIPE NCC board and suggest there might be other funding options. Daniel had informed the NomCom that this was exactly what he had been doing and he had requested everyone on the NomCom to answer any questions about that in this way.

After RIPE 80 Daniel had a discussion with Christian Kaufmann, the RIPE NCC board chair, and Piotr Strzyżewski, the liaison to the NomCom. Christian had asked whether the NomCom was prepared to conduct negotiations about compensation with selected candidates or mandate the RIPE NCC board to do this. Daniel had responded that the NomCom felt that it did not have a mandate for either of these actions but that he would bring up the question whether the NomCom could request or recommend that the RIPE NCC should compensate the selected candidates.

Feedback to Committee and Chair

Daniel thanked the committee members who responded to the messages on the ripe list which he perceived as being ad-hominem.

Daniel asked whether the proceedings thus far met the expectations of the committee. He specifically asked what worked well and what could be improved and how. There were no specific comments and a lot of 'thumbs up' gestures.

The committee decided to schedule 90 minutes for subsequent meetings.


Daniel thanked everyone for their time and effort.

The chair closed the meeting at 1526 UTC.