Version 1.1 - Final


The meeting was held on 27 January 2020 by teleconference.

The chair called the meeting to order at 1001 UTC.


Voting: Arnold Nipper, Benno Overeinder, Dmitry Burkov, Dmitro Kohmanyuk, Gert Döring, Joe Abley, Ondřej Caletka, Robert Evans, Sander Steffann.

Advisors and Liaisons: Anna Wilson, Daniel Karrenberg, Jan Žorž, Piotr Strzyżewski.

Support: Daniella Coutinho.


Voting: Tina Morris.

Preliminaries & Agenda Setting

Daniel welcomed all present and noted that a quorum was present.

He reminded everyone that as the very first NomCom our responsibility is to run an exemplary process, keep the community well informed and gather as much input from the community as we possibly can. He said that he will be more formal than customary in RIPE for that very reason.

Daniel reported that he had asked Daniella Coutinho from the RIPE NCC to support the committee in administrative matters. She can be reached at the 'support' mailbox. Daniella will be absent in February/March and her mail will be covered by a colleague.

Daniel pointed out the draft agenda contained in version 0 of the minutes as circulated and available on the collab server. He asked whether there were any suggestions for changes to the agenda.

1. Voting Members

Daniel reported briefly on the selection of the voting members.

Daniel reminded the committee that only the voting members vote on the selection of candidates while all committee members may participate in votes about any other matter.

2. Advisors

Daniel reported that ripe-728 stipulates that the chair of the previous NomCom acts as an advisor to the committee with some special duties. In consultation with the RIPE NCC Executive Board chair and in accordance with the procedure set out in ripe-728 the chair has designated Anna Wilson to fill this role. She has gracefully agreed to serve.

3. Liaisons

Daniel reported that he had asked the RIPE NCC Executive Board, the RIPE Program Committee and the RIPE wg-chairs collective to appoint liaisons to the NomCom.

The RIPE NCC Executive board has appointed Piotr Strzyżewski. The RIPE Program Committee has appointed Jan Žorž and the RIPE WG Chairs have appointed Robert Evans who is also a voting member.

4. Committee Organisation

Collaboration Server

Daniel reported that he had set up a 'nextcloud' collaboration server for use by the committee. This will be used to collaboratively work on and to store committee documents while the committee is in operation. He said that for reasons of confidentiality it would be preferable if all committee members used individual credentials to access the server.

The NomCom agreed to use the collaborations server. Daniel will provide credentials to everyone in the coming days.

General Rules

Daniel reported that he had drafted some basic rules for the operation of the committee based on the rules in ripe-728. This document is available on the collab server. He summarised the main points and proposed to adopt these as the initial rules.

Benno asked whether the RIPE NCC Executive board was the only confirming body for the selection of candidates. He remembered that during the discussion of the process the WG Chairs were also mentioned. Anna confirmed that per ripe-727 the RIPE NCC Executive board is the only confirming body and the intention of that confirmation is to ensure that the NomCom follows the procedure set down in ripe-727 and ripe-728.

Ondrej asked about the voting procedure to select candidates. Daniel stated that he expected a rough consensus of the committee to emerge after discussion and to ask the voting members to confirm that consensus by a vote. He suggested to think about more detailed procedures only in case this could not be achieved. The committee agreed to proceed in this way.

Joe and Jan asked whether the advisors and liaisons are expected to take full part in the discussion about candidates. Daniel stated that ripe-727/ripe-728 were designed with that expectation and that liaisons can vote on any matter besides the selection of candidates.

Dmytro asked about the rationale for selecting Roberts Rules of Order. Daniel responded that he believed that these are the rules most widely known among the NomCom. He also stressed that he intended to apply those rules only in the event a meeting got totally out of hand. There being no other suggestions the committee agree to use these rules if the chair felt it was needed.

There were questions about publishing the minutes. Daniel suggested that all minutes should be published after they are approved. He repeated his intention to produce draft minutes rapidly and already have a draft before the meeting. He also reminded that committee that all deliberations about the selection of particular candidates are confidential. Therefore only the fact that the discussion took place and the resulting decisions would be minuted. The committee confirmed this practice.

Advisors & Liaisons

Daniel asked the committee for suggestions regarding additional advisors or liaisons.

There were no suggestions. Daniel stated that the committee was free to revisit this in the future.

5. Time Line and Meeting Schedule

Daniel proposed a time line including a tentative meeting schedule as circulated and available on the collab server. He explained the rationale and the highlights of the time line and invited discussion.

The time line was agreed without discussion.

Daniel asked everyone to complete the doodle polls for meeting times as soon as possible if not earlier ;-)

6. Nominations So Far

Daniel reported we have received the following nominations so far:

Filiz Yilmaz, Hans Petter Holen, Nigel Titley, Mirjam Kühne.

These nominees have confirmed their commitment to serve as required by ripe-728.

Daniel suggested to keep a confidential record of all information received from nominees on the collaboration site. After some discussion the committee agreed and suggested that the candidates be appropriately informed about this data processing.

Daniel asked whether the committee agrees to forward all future nominations directly to the whole committee. The committee asked Daniel to screen the nominations mailbox for spam and forward all other messages to the committee.

Daniel proposed to publish the names of all confirmed candidates who agree to publication and update it as confirmations are received. The committee agreed with this.

There was a short discussion on how to proceed in case a nominee does not agree to publish their name. The committee decided to revisit this if and when it occurs.

7. Structured Questions to Nominees

Daniel suggested that the committee should develop a set of questions we would ask all nominees. He asked for volunteers to compile this list and input from everyone on the mailing list. After a short discussion the committee decided that Daniel should edit this list on behalf of the committee and Benno volunteered to help with this task.

8. NomCom Blog

Daniel reported that he is contemplating to create a blog for the NomCom in order to provide a pro-active and structured way to communicate with the community. He asked whether the committee members would commit to write short entries about themselves and a couple of short entries as our work progresses.

After a short discussion the committee decided to proceed with this idea while making sure that individual contributions are not taken as the opinion of the committee and that opinion of the committee will be posted under the name of the whole committee and not just the chair.

9. RIPE NCC Board on Remuneration for RIPE Chair

Daniel reported that he had some questions from potential candidates whether the time of the Chair/Vice Chair could be remunerated. Daniel has raised this with the RIPE NCC Board as a potential source of funding.

Piotr summarised the discussion of the board. After discussion some questions were raised. The committee decided to continue collecting questions on the mailing list and to ask Piotr and Daniel to raise them with the RIPE NCC board.

10. RIPE Meeting Travel Expenses for NomCom Members

The committee asked Daniel to request travel funding for the Berlin RIPE meeting for max. 5 committee members from the RIPE NCC. Piotr requested that Daniel inform the RIPE chair of this request. Daniel said he would write to both Piotr as liaison and the RIPE chair with this request.

Review of Time Line and Next Actions

This is a standard agenda point. For this meeting it is fully covered by 'Time Line and Meeting Schedule'.

Feedback to Committee and Chair

Daniel asked whether the proceedings thus far met the expectations of the committee. He specifically asked what worked well and what could be improved and how.

There were no suggestions and a number expressions of appreciation.

Daniel thanked everyone for their time and effort.


The chair closed the meeting at 1102 UTC