Dear RIPE participants,  

a nominating committee (NomCom) will select two people to  fill the positions of RIPE Chair and Vice Chair, with help from the  wider community. As chair of the 2019-2020 RIPE NomCom, I invite you to  nominate candidates for these positions.  

As members of the RIPE community, you will have some idea of what the  RIPE Chair is responsible for and what kind of person you would like to  see in this role - and  the revived Vice Chair role. Please think about  suitable candidates, talk with them, discuss this with your peers, and  nominate people who will have the support of the community.  

You may nominate any member of the RIPE community for either position.  Self-nominations are also permitted. NomCom members are not eligible to  be considered. Send your nominations to <nominations at> and include a  description of the skills or expertise that make your candidate a  desirable choice. Please also include a working email address or  telephone number for the nominee and indicate whether they are aware of  your nomination.

The Nomcom will also be interested in your opinion about the performance  of the incumbent, Hans Petter Holen.  

The deadline for all nominations is March 29th 2020 23:59 UTC.  

You can find more information in the relevant RIPE Documents:  

I am happy to answer any further questions you may have.  

Daniel Karrenberg  (Chair of the 2019-2020 RIPE NomCom)

I sent this call to  the RIPE mailing list on 17 October 2019 and extended the dead line on 16 December 2019.