Version 1.2 - DRAFT


The meeting was held on 15 June 2020 by teleconference.

The chair called the meeting to order at 08:05 UTC.


Voting: Arnold Nipper, Benno Overeinder, Dmitry Burkov, Dmitro Kohmanyuk, Gert Döring, Marcus Stögbauer, Ondřej Caletka, Robert Evans, Sander Steffann, Stefan Wahl.

Advisors and Liaisons: Anna Wilson, Daniel Karrenberg, Jan Žorž, Piotr Strzyżewski.

Support: Daniella Coutinho.

Preliminaries & Agenda Setting

The chair proposed to continue with the point 'candidate selection' where the NomCom left off at meeting #8.

The committee agreed.

Candidate Selection

The committee continued with the candidate selection discussion.
This discussion is not minuted.

At the end of the discussion the chair asked whether the voting members were ready for the definite vote on candidate selection. All voting members indicated that they were happy with proceeding.

Ten voting members voted to select Mirjam Kühne as RIPE Chair and eight voting members voted to select Niall O'Reilly as RIPE Vice Chair.

Subsequently the whole committee voted to unanimously support this selection and to communicate it to the RIPE NCC board for confirmation immediately.

RIPE Chair Compensation / Remuneration

Daniel asked whether the committee wished to include a response regarding compensation in the message to the RIPE NCC board. After some discussion the committee agreed that while it has no formal mandate in this area, it does recommend that the RIPE NCC provide compensation to those candidates who request it. Daniel said he will include this in the message.

Any Other Business

Daniel asked for comments on the draft message to the RIPE NCC executive board which he had circulated via the collaboration server.

Daniel received more suggestions for improvement including a request to mention the results of the earlier votes without mentioning any further details. Daniel committed to send the message as soon as he had a majority vote on the mailing list for the final draft.

The chair suggested that the committee approve the draft minutes that are not yet ratified by e-mail. The committee agreed to proceed in this way.

The chair said he planned to finalise the NomCom report after the summer and well in time for RIPE 81. He pointed out that the very first draft is available on the collaboration server. He encouraged all to add text to it, however rough it might be.


The chair thanked everyone for the professional and pleasant way in which the candidate selection was conducted. The committee thanked Daniel for leading the discussion in a professional and impartial way and for keeping the NomCom on track and for enabling all to participate equally.

The chair closed the meeting at 08:59 UTC.


New Actions from Meeting #9

NC-19 / 15.06.20 / All
To agree on the text of the message to the RIPE NCC Executive Board by email

NC-20 / 15.06.20 / All
To agree on the minutes of the previous meetings by email

Closed Actions

NC-18 / 09.06.20 / All
To agree on open questions for the nominees by email
Status 15.06.20 - done