Version 1.4 - FINAL


The meeting was held on 20 May 2020 by teleconference.

The chair called the meeting to order at 14:04 UTC.


Voting: Arnold Nipper, Benno Overeinder, Dmitry Burkov, Dmytro Kohmanyuk, Gert Döring, Joe Abley, Ondřej Caletka, Robert Evans, Sander Steffann.

Advisors and Liaisons: Anna Wilson, Daniel Karrenberg, Jan Žorž, Piotr Strzyżewski.

Support: Daniella Coutinho.

Preliminaries & Agenda Setting

Daniel welcomed all present and noted that a quorum was present.

Daniel pointed out that he once again drafted the agenda in the form of version 0 of the minutes. He said that due to lack of time he only circulated this just before the meeting and made it available on the collaboration server. He asked whether anyone objected to hold the meeting despite this timing. There were no concerns regarding the timing

He asked whether there were any suggestions for changes to the agenda. Jan noted that a community member asked for a conversation with the NomCom, this will be discussed under AOB.

Minutes of Previous Meetings

Daniel asked the NomCom to ratify the minutes of the second meeting . The NomCom approved the minutes.

Daniel asked the NomCom if it would like to publish notes of the third and fourth meetings which were informal with no decisions were taken. The NomCom decided to note under the chair report that meetings took place but it was not necessary to publish minutes. The numbering of formal and informal meetings will remain consecutive so it is clear how many meetings took place.

Chair Report

Daniel noted for the record that the NomCom had 2 informal meetings, #3 and #4 on 7 and 15 May 2020 to prepare for and to discuss the events of RIPE 80 respectively. No decisions were taken.

Daniel reported, as he circulated earlier, that Tina Morris had resigned from the NomCom on 12 May 2020 for personal reasons. He had wished Tina strength and all the best on behalf of the committee.

Daniel noted for the record that we held interviews with all four nominees using Zoom before RIPE 80, and that we made ourselves available to members of the community via Zoom during the week of RIPE 80, and that he made a presentation in the community plenary about the work of the NomCom.

Daniel reported, as he mentioned during the informal meeting the previous Friday, that Christian Kaufmann, Chair of the RIPE NCC Executive Board, had requested to address a NomCom meeting and that he had not invited Christian due to the discussions during RIPE 80 and in order to avoid a precedent for inviting non-members to NomCom meetings. The committee appreciated this. Daniel mentioned that from Piotr will report as board liaison in the next agenda item.

There were no further questions on the report of the chair.

Reports from liaisons

Daniel asked the liaisons whether there were any reports, specifically referring to the discussions during RIPE 80.

Piotr, liaison to the RIPE NCC Executive Board, reiterated that Executive Board wishes to be independent and do not want to have much and, if possible any influence on the nominations. He reminded the NomCom that Executive Board's task is to validate if the process was followed as described. He also conveyed that the Executive Board would welcome a mandate to handle salary negotiations with candidates who request compensation for the time they spend on their RIPE Chair or Vice Chair roles.

After a small discussion on a mandate and salary, the chair suggested to have this discussion separately as there are more important items to discuss at this moment.

Jan reported on the ongoings of the NomCom to the Program Committee on Friday 15 May. The feedback from the PC for the NomCom was to carry on with the work.

Rob reported he sent a message to the Working Group chairs. There was no feedback so far.

Support and Verification Paths

Daniel asked Anna to explain further her ideas for seeking support which she proposed at the informal meeting the Friday before.

Anna explained the NomCom is in a difficult situation. The NomCom is asked to follow a process that is accepted by the RIPE community a while ago. Now some voices say we need to change the process and others say we just need to carry on. Anna noted the NomCom should understand the support structure that is available, who can verify the plans.

The NomCom then thoroughly discussed at length the situation after the calls to abandon the process and start over and the separate call for opening nominations again.

Issues that were mentioned included:

  • Are the calls for deviating from or restarting the process supported widely?
  • Would we have had more nominees if it was clear from the start that their time could be funded?
  • Would we be critisised more widely if we deviated from the agreed process?
  • Would asking for support appear weak and undermine our legitimacy?
  • Does the majority of the community just want us to get on with it?
  • There is less intrinsic trust in the community nowadays, more mistrust.
  • How would we defend opening the nomination period again, for how long and how long would the additional community feedback period have to be?
  • If we opened nominations again, would we need another consultation meeting and thus delay the process until after RIPE 81?

After about an hour of discussion the chair then summarised that

  • the committee agreed that it was out of scope for the NomCom to discuss the principle of separation between the RIPE NCC and RIPE,
  • the committee was leaning towards asking for support before proceeding,
  • the committee wished to tell the community that it has indeed considered all input,
  • he sensed an emerging consensus to come up with a message for the EB, PC, WG chairs and/or the community that mentions consensus (or a majority) about the way forward.

The committee agreed with this summary.

The chair asked the NomCom for guidance on what to write in this particular message and to whom it should be addressed.

Some members had the opinion the message should be sent to the RIPE list, some thought it would be better to communicate via the liaisons

The following suggestions were made for content:

  • send an assertive, concrete message,
  • mention how the discussions over the last weeks affected the NomCom,
  • explain what is happening and ask for support on the way forward,
  • ask if there was sufficient information at the start of the nomination period,
  • ask about the split between RIPE and the RIPE NCC, and
  • ask if nominations should be re-opened.

The chair asked each member of the NomCom to send him 2 lines within the next two days about what the members made of today's discussion.

Drawing from this discussion he will then draft a message explaining the committees plan to move forward and seeking support from the community at large, the NCC board, the PC and the WG chairs. He will seek the agreement of the NomCom for the specific text by e-mail.

All members agreed with this approach.

Timeline Review

This agenda point was not discussed due to lack of time.

Next Steps

  • how will the NomCom proceed

This will be decided at NomCom meeting #6 on Wednesday 27 May, 14:00 UTC.

Adding a Voting Member from the Reserve List

Due to time constraints this item was only briefly discussed. The chair asked whether the committee wished to add another voting member from the reserve list after Tina's resignation. The NomCom needs to have 9 voting members to continue candidate selection. The NomCom preferred to add a person from the reserve list as a provision for future eventualities. Daniel will make arrangements for this according to the procedure.

Review of Time Line and Next Actions

This agenda point was not discussed due to lack of time.

Feedback to Committee and Chair

This agenda point was not discussed due to lack of time

Any Other Business

Jan noted a community members stated he would like to talk to the NomCom, rather than sending an email to the list. The NomCom is prepared to have a conversation. Daniel asked Jan to make arrangements for this together with Daniella.


The chair closed the meeting at 15:36 UTC, 36 minutes later than planned.


New Actions from meeting #5

NC-12 / 20.05.20 / Daniel
To finalise the draft message for support

NC-13 / 20.05.20 / Jan
Jan to arrange with Daniella for a community member to speak in person to the NomCom

NC-14 / 20.05.20 / All
All to send 2 lines to Daniel reflecting on today's discussion and the way forward

NC-15 / 20.05.20 / Daniel
Daniel to get in the next person from the reserve list as a voting member to the NomCom to replace Tina

Closed Actions

NC-1 / 01.04.20 / All
To test credentials of the collaboration server. Daniel sent invites to everyone.
Status 20.05.20 - Done

NC-2 / 01.04.20 / Benno
To finalise the questions for the nominees that are on the collaboration server within 10 working days.
Benno will lead the effort and Joe and Sander will support.
Status 20.05.20 - Done

NC-3 / 01.04.20 / Daniel
To send the question list to the nominees when it is finalised. Answers to be saved on the collaboration server.
Status 20.05.20 - Done

NC-4 / 01.04.20 / Daniel
To ask the nominees for a statement of max 1000 words and publish it on the blog, including a picture.
Status 20.05.20 - Done

NC-5 / 01.04.20 / Daniel
To organise the interviews with the nominees in the second half of April.
Status 20.05.20 - Done

NC-6 / 01.04.20 / Daniel
To publish a statement, listing the 4 nominees and report of meeting #2.
Status 20.05.20 - Done

NC-7 / 01.04.20 / All
To solicit input on nominees to the committee as a whole as well as to individuals.
Status 20.05.20 - Done

NC-8 / 01.04.20 / All
To socialise the report (NC-6) and blog and call for input as widely as possible within the community.
Daniel will ask the RIPE NCC Communications department for support.
Status 20.05.20 - Done

NC-9 / 01.04.20 / Daniel
To arrange NomCom office hours during or next to the online RIPE80, by appointment and FCFS.
Status 20.05.20 - Done

NC-10 / 01.04.20 / Dmytro
To create a blog post with all information on how the community input is organised. The blog post can be send to the NomCom for review before posting.
Status 20.05.20 - Done

NC-11 / 01.04.20 / All
To add additional contact information (next to the email address) on the blog if desired.
Status 20.05.20 - Done