Version 1.3 - FINAL


The meeting was held on 1 April 2020 by teleconference.

The chair called the meeting to order at 1507 UTC.


Voting: Arnold Nipper, Benno Overeinder, Dmitry Burkov, Dmytro Kohmanyuk, Gert Döring, Joe Abley, Ondřej Caletka, Robert Evans, Sander Steffann, Tina Morris.

Advisors and Liaisons: Anna Wilson, Daniel Karrenberg, Jan Žorž, Piotr Strzyżewski.

Support: Daniella Coutinho.

Preliminaries & Agenda Setting

Daniel welcomed all present and noted that a quorum was present.

Daniel pointed out that once again the draft agenda contained in version 0 of the minutes as circulated and available on the collaboration server. He asked whether there were any suggestions for changes to the agenda. There were none.

1. Review of Actions

Daniel has sent invites for the collaboration server to everyone. He reminds everyone to test their credentials. Piotr remarked that he had difficulties due to a trailing dot in the URL.

Daniel will inform the nominees about the NomCom processing their personal data when he informs them on the further process.

Daniel made a first draft of questions for nominees. It needs input from the committee.

Daniel created the blog. Joe and Daniel wrote posts.

Daniel requested travel from the RIPE NCC and coordinated with the NCC staff who prepare the board meetings. Piotr reported that since there is no rush any more due to RIPE 80 going on-line, the board has decided to postpone the question and deal with it in another meeting, not only for NomCom but to establish general principles. Daniel asked whether this created problems for anyone; all were fine with it.

Daniel collected the nominations and acceptance e-mails in the 'Nominees' folder on the collab server.

2. Conflicts of Interest of NomCom Members

As suggested by Joe at the previous meeting, Daniel asked all committee members to declare any potential conflicts of interest they might have . He explained that the purpose of this is to make everyone aware of potential conflicts that exist so that everyone can participate in a transparent way.

Ondřej mentioned that he had accepted a job for the NCC after volunteering for the NomCom; in the month that he now worked for the RIPE NCC he had not experienced any influence by his employer and he did not expect any. Daniel mentioned that he works for the RIPE NCC . Piotr mentioned that Filiz is representing RIPE in the ICANN ASO and interacts with the board in that capacity. Two members reported potential conflicts of a personal nature.

The committee briefly discussed and agreed that the potential conflicts, now that they are declared, do not pose obstacles to the proper functioning of the committee.

3. Finalising Questions for Nominees

Daniel asked for input on the draft questions for nominees and for a volunteer to finalise them. Benno, Joe and Sander volunteered to finalise the list of questions within the next 10 working days. The committee discussed briefly and decided to send the question list to the nominees when it is finalised and ask for a written response which could inform the video interviews. Daniel said he would put the answers on the collaboration server rather than on the mailing list.

Daniel proposed to record answers of nominees and committee notes about individual nominees in the 'Nominees' folder on the collaboration server in order to keep the amount of personal information in e-mail to a minimum. He said the objective is to retain confidentiality and to be able to reliably delete this information once the process has finished.

3.1 Conflicts Of Interest of Nominees

The committee considered discussions in the RIPE community about whether it was appropriate for individuals simultaneously to hold one of the RIPE chair roles and also be a RIPE NCC employee.

The context of those particular discussions was the announcement that Hans Petter Holen, the outgoing RIPE chair, had accepted employment at the RIPE NCC. The committee will also consider the same kinds of questions in the context of nominees who are currently RIPE NCC employees.

The committee agreed to treat this in the context of considering conflicts of interest of nominees in general and to defer this discussion until after meeting the nominees and hearing their declared conflicts and how they propose to address these.

4. Nominee Statements on the Blog

During mailing list discussion the committee discussed to ask short statements from nominees to be published on the blog.

Joe said that he heard that people are not aware the blog exits, so drawing attention to it is good. Nominees explaining themselves on the blog will be good, for instance with a word limit of 1000, as an additional way for community to tell us what they think. Pictures of the nominees will help place the people.

Dmytro suggested to add video statements too. After some discussion there was no consensus about that and the committee decided not to facilitate that.

Daniel summarised the discussion and the committee decided to ask the nominees for short (~1000 words) statements to be published on the blog and to offer posting pictures together with the statement. Daniel will ask the nominees.

5. Organising Meetings with Nominees

During mailing list discussions it became clear that the committee would like to have video chats with all nominees. the committee discussed this some more and decided to conduct video interviews of 45-60 minutes with all nominees

Daniel said he would organise that soon, for meetings during the second half of April.

Daniel also asked the committee for suggestions to consider anyone else besides the current four nominees. The committee decided to proceed with the four nominees at this time.

6. Organising Community Input

The committee discussed at length how to maximise community input and decided to

  • Publish an announcement listing the nominees and reporting on this meeting as soon as possible. Daniel agreed to do that.
  • Solicit input to the committee as a whole as well as individual committee members. Daniel said that the members are listed on the blog with their mailboxes as contact. These mailboxes are forwarded to the individual member only or stored on the NomCom server to be collected by POP/IMAP.
  • Daniel will ask the RIPE NCC communications department to socialise the report and call for input. He asked committee members to socialise it as widely as possible within the RIPE community.
  • The committee decided to give a report and ask for input during the on-line RIPE80. Daniel reported that he had already asked for >=20 minutes in the RIPE 80 community plenary for this.
  • The committee decided to hold by-appointment office hours on a first-come, first-served basis during or next to the on-line RIPE 80 meeting; 90 minutes will be set aside for this initially. This should be listed in the RIPE 80 agenda. Daniel will organise this.
  • Committee members will make themselves approachable for community members between now and our final decision. Daniel reported that the meeting organisation is planning to establish mechanisms for ad-hoc personal video meetings both during and around RIPE 80.
  • Committee members who wish to do so can share additional contact information on the blog.

Dmytro agreed to draft a blog post with all this info. He will send a draft to the NomCom before posting.

Review of Time Line and Next Actions

The timeline remains unchanged. Daniella and Daniel will condense an action list from these minutes soon.

Feedback to Committee and Chair

Daniel asked whether the proceedings thus far met the expectations of the committee. He specifically asked what worked well and what could be improved and how.

All appreciate the effort - well done and not thumbs but likes :-)

Daniel thanked everyone for their time and effort.


The chair closed the meeting at 1550 UTC

Action list

Action list NomCom, status 01.04.20

Nr of action / date of creation / responsible person
-> status to be added at next meeting


NC-1 / 01.04.20 / All
To test credentials of the collaboration server. Daniel sent invites to everyone.

NC-2 / 01.04.20 / Benno
To finalise the questions for the nominees that are on the collaboration server within 10 working days.
Benno will lead the effort and Joe and Sander will support.

NC-3 / 01.04.20 / Daniel
To send the question list to the nominees when it is finalised. Answers to be saved on the collaboration server.

NC-4 / 01.04.20 / Daniel
To ask the nominees for a statement of max 1000 words and publish it on the blog, including a picture.

NC-5 / 01.04.20 / Daniel
To organise the interviews with the nominees in the second half of April.

NC-6 / 01.04.20 / Daniel
To publish a statement, listing the 4 nominees and report of meeting #2.

NC-7 / 01.04.20 / All
To solicit input on nominees to the committee as a whole as well as to individuals.

NC-8 / 01.04.20 / All
To socialise the report (NC-6) and blog and call for input as widely as possible within the community.
Daniel will ask the RIPE NCC Communications department for support.

NC-9 / 01.04.20 / Daniel
To arrange NomCom office hours during or next to the online RIPE80, by appointment and FCFS.

NC-10 / 01.04.20 / Dmytro
To create a blog post with all information on how the community input is organised. The blog post can be send to the NomCom for review before posting.

NC-11 / 01.04.20 / All
To add additional contact information (next to the email address) on the blog if desired.